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Applied Science.  Real Solutions.

    What We Do    

Geotechnical investigation, Drilling for



Soil Test. Female agronomist taking note



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Asphalt concrete, Thermometer in hot asp


Asphalt Testing

Laboratory of Uniaxial Compressive Stren


Concrete Testing

Laboratory, Standard Testing Method for


Soil Testing

​​Kontur's Clients.

Kontur provides geotechnical engineering and consulting services for the following clients and sectors:

  • Land/building Owners (such as federal/provincial/regional/local government authorities, small to large businesses and corporations, and single-family residential owners)

  • Architects, Engineers, and Project Managers.

  • Developers and Contractors.

  • Land development and subdivisions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

  • Municipal and regional buildings, facilities and infrastructure (roads, bridges, culverts, and utility services).

  • Institutional buildings and facilities for healthcare, education, and community services.

  • First Nations communities across BC.

  • Remote sites for an array of communities across British Columbia and Alberta

  • Renewable Energy Projects.

  • Construction Materials evaluations and testing.

What makes Kontur unique?

Kontur's core values inspire collaboration and continued learning.  This allows Kontur's team to work closely with you and your project team, including architects, designers, engineers, and contractors, to deliver professional, accountable, and real-world solutions, that are tailored to your project requirements.


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